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4 Things Millennials Want Their Offices To Provide

Emergency alert, weather forecast, news and a car advertisement displayed on a Captivate lobby screen

Class-A offices eager to attract and retain tenants are putting in amenities that imbue an impressive, sometimes eclectic, mix of features and perks. Due to a growing and increasingly demanding millennial workforce, property owners and managers are choosing amenities that cater to this generation’s desire for connectivity, community, capabilities and convenience.

By ensuring their properties provide these four things, owners and managers can enhance their building’s perception, save money on unnecessary amenities, increase tenant satisfaction and recoup the money spent on installation through higher rents.

1. Connectivity


Millennials are often derided for their short attention spans, which are a consequence of being wired 24/7. Young workers may have several trusted news streams, social media apps and games perpetually pushing notifications to their phones.

The boredom-hating generation expects to constantly have neatly presented, relevant information displayed for them. Captivate, the company that first put screens in elevators 20 years ago, has a team that curates content to display to tenants while they wait in elevators, lobbies and other common areas.

2. Community

Captivate selfie contest

Some theorize connected device proliferation and Americans' cultivation of their online networks have caused social isolation. According to the Pew Research Center, over 80% of millennials sleep with or next to their cellphones, yet a Harris poll found almost the same share (72%) experience loneliness.

Buildings are combating isolation in a number of innovative ways — by incorporating communal space, art installations and open layouts to encourage socialization.

Since limiting or eliminating pervasive technologies seems regressive, they should instead be mobilized to promote human interaction. Captivate encourages this by hosting photo competitions for best elevator selfie or office snapshot. Owners can use the platform to notify tenants of on-site events and networking. One of Captivate’s headlines, quizzes or surveys can spark a lively conversation in an elevator and instantly precipitate friendships. 

3. Capabilities 

Leasing opportunity displayed on a Captivate screen

The modern workforce has become accustomed to devices with diverse functionality. Phones and tablets, with the multitude of apps designed for them, allow instantaneous access to entertainment and information.

Captivate’s creative and editorial teams understand that competing with personal tech takes a creative approach. With Captivate Create and ScreenCenter, it tailors  products that help raise brand awareness to clients like CBRE, JLL and Hines. Screens can give virtual property tours, alert tenants to building promotions and advertise leasing opportunities.

4. Convenience 

Directory, weather forecast, news and a local advertisement displayed on a lobby screen

The rise of e-commerce and millennials’ busy schedules has hurt many brick-and-mortar establishments’ profitability, and hindered their ability to renew their leases. A property manager can empower retail tenants with Captivate Create, which lets them design targeted messages. Aided by intuitive templates and supported by the Captivate creative team, retailers can recapture foot traffic and drive retail sales, providing the instant gratification of an in-store purchase e-commerce has yet to replicate. 

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