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Survey: What Sort Of Reduction Do You Think Is Fair On Your Property Taxes?


Cash has always been king, but the current economic crisis has sent real estate owners on an unprecedented hunt for every last bit of cash they keep on hand.

Complete the survey below to give us your input on how the CRE world is responding to the need for cash and where tax planning fits into its strategies. We will be gathering results and compiling them into a report about how owners, operators and managers can survive the coming months and years.

By filling out the survey, you will get access to your copy of the report two weeks in advance of the general public.

While owners and managers can slice away at payroll, maintenance or expansion plans, they can also work to hold more cash by reducing one of their largest expenses: property tax bills. But convincing assessors to lower buildings' valuations is an uphill battle, and with local coffers drained, the fight is about to get much harder. 

Be part of our report and help us learn more by answering the questions below. Users who fill out the survey may be contacted by a Bisnow sponsor. 

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