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Are Scooters The New Ping Pong? Manchester's Latest Cool Fitout Trend

Scooting to FORE Partnership's 78K SF Windmill Green development (visible behind the scooterist)

Are the days of the in-office ping-pong table numbered? The truth is that you can ping all you want, and pong until you are red in the face, but fashion always moves on — and it seems like the latest accessory for cool Manchester offices is now a scooter.

Two-wheeled and lightweight, and ideal for zipping round town — providing you do not get trapped on the tram lines — scooters will soon be hard to miss.

This week FORE Partnership agreed a deal with Salford-based Swifty Scooters to provide the alternative mode of transport for people working at their 78K SF Mount Street office building, Windmill Green. Last week LJ Partnership announced scooters as part of the tenant package at their 72K SF Canada House refurbishment, Chepstow Street.

Five custom-built, branded kick scooters will make up Windmill Green’s Swifty Fleet, available in the reception for tenants to use free of charge.

Last month, FORE announced global co-working firm Our Space has taken 13.6K SF at Windmill Green, which will also boast a selection of 2018 amenity must-haves including a coffee bar, living walls, beehives and a cycle store.

Hello Soda's 6.2K SF office on the top floor of 55 Princess St., Manchester.

"Scooting is a cool and quick way to get about the city. It’s fun, it’s sustainable, it’ll keep you fit and make you feel great," FORE Managing Partner Basil Demeroutis said.

So are ping-pong users feeling left behind in the race for office amenity? Far from it — new ping-pong tables are being installed in Manchester offices each week, the latest arriving in the 6.2K SF top floor suite at 55 Princess St.

Hello Soda, the data-crunching business, has moved from City Tower in a deal brokered by OBI Property.

"The varied breakout and collaborative spaces that we have designed will help to nurture innovation and creativity within our teams," Hello Soda Chief Operating Officer Rhian Hughes said.