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Prefabricated Building Systems Deliver More Value For Owners

Structure and cladding systems integrated into one system

Construction today is not very efficient. The current delivery model has not changed much in the last 100 years.

Typical projects in a 2016 survey were 61% behind schedule, and nearly half of typical projects are over budget, according to a November 2016 survey by the Lean Construction Institute.

Since 1995, manufacturing has doubled in productivity, or value-added work per employee, according to a 2015 McKinsey & Co. report. Meanwhile, construction has lagged, declining over the same period, with 57% of activities in construction designated as wasteful and non-value-adding.

Orange line represents the increase in productivity for manufacturing.
Blue line represents the decrease and stagnation of construction.
Scale in thousands of dollars of productivity per worker each year.

Owners can change the way their projects are delivered by asking for prefabricated building systems. Prefabrication leverages the gains manufacturing has made over the years, applying them to construction. This will ultimately change how projects are delivered, with owners having the most to gain from a more efficient design-build process.

The following are some of the most widely recognized benefits of off-site construction, according to Clark Pacific, a design-build manufacturer and constructor of prefabricated building systems. Prefabrication techniques reduce scheduled time, ensure greater cost certainty and reduce harmful site impacts.

The question each owner or developer can ask is, “How do I get started with an off-site plan for my construction portfolio?” There are three simple answers:

  • Match your procurement strategies to your desired project outcomes.
  • Seek out design-build teams that have experience in prefabricated building systems.
  • Get the team on board at the conceptual phase, as this is when projects will reap the most value from a prefabricated building strategy

Each project is different and has its own values and objectives. Off-site construction can better align owner/developer goals with those of the construction team for better and more predicted outcomes.

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