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Bisnow Exclusive: LA Rams COO Bets On SoCal

Los Angeles

The LA Rams have brought the NFL back to SoCal, but as LA Rams COO and EVP of football operations Kevin Demoff tells us, the team is back to do more than just play football. Team officials are aiming for players to become part of the community.

Kevin is one of the star players who are part of the inaugural Bisnow Future of SoCal event Nov. 15 in LA. Bisnow recently talked to Kevin about the team and his hopes for the future.


Bisnow: How is the search going for a permanent facility in the Canejo Valley?

Kevin Demoff: We’re going to begin looking for a permanent training facility this fall. The search will begin where we are now in the Canejo Valley. That’s our first priority, to evaluate opportunity there. From there, we’ll expand across Southern California to go see what would make the most sense, but the goal is to try to stay close to where we’re already located. (Kevin is pictured above with former NFL player turned CBS LA sports director Jim Hill.)

Bisnow: Why is there an attraction to the Valley?

Kevin: When we looked at this process from the beginning, none of the sports teams in Southern California have really (given) themselves to the Valley, made a play for those fans to try to get those roots. So strategically, when we look at the geography in SoCal if we could have a practice facility or headquarters in the Valley and a training camp in OC and play our games in the central corridor, we think that would give us exposure to many of the residents of SoCal rather than being concentrated to a small area.

Bisnow: Why was the team excited about coming to SoCal?

Kevin: I always tell people I think one of the reasons the NFL had to come back to LA at this point is because the city is going through such a period of growth and success. When you look at the number of cranes downtown and the projects throughout the Southland, this is a city that’s really found its footing as a diverse business economy, as a diverse international city. It really has transitioned into a major international destination from really just a focus on the entertainment industry. I think it’s really become a launching point to both Asia and Latin America, and all of that combined really gives us a chance to go and become part of the fabric of this city. And one of the neat things about coming back as a team now is we get to tap into what makes LA special today. We have the advantage of being a team that has great roots here, but we can also be adapted to the people, the talent, the culture of SoCal. We want to model our team that way.

Bisnow: What do you think about the new stadium being built in Inglewood?

Kevin: I think Inglewood has always had a great historical presence. The Hollywood Park and the Forum in the heyday was a great sports, entertainment destination for fans. With Madison Square Garden and (Irving) Azoff, I think people are rediscovering Inglewood, and with the metro coming through, it’s going to become a thriving (spot). Mayor James Butts has done a great job, along with the City Council, of transforming the city and positioning it for growth.

Bisnow: Besides having a winning season, what goals does the team have here in SoCal?

Kevin: I think the most important thing for us is we’re really going to be a team that sets our grassroots in the community, and we have been out, engaged with the community already. We’ve built up a playground in the Inglewood school district. We’ve done numerous events with elementary, middle and high school kids, getting them active, introducing them to our players. We’ve worked with the Ronald McDonald House, LA’s Best and their after-school program. We are passionate about being members of this community. Not just growing on the business side and on the fan side, but really rolling up our sleeves with our players, with our coaches and with our staff and being members of this community 365 days a year, not just the 16 Sundays a year we play.

Hear more from Kevin and our other speakers at Bisnow's Future of SoCal event Nov. 15.

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