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Bisnow Bosses: A Few Minutes With Mike Guimond

Mike Guimond, vice president, West Coast

Bisnow proudly presents a new series called “Bisnow Bosses,” focused on introducing you to the men and women building Bisnow, and your business, in your local market. Our mission is to inform and connect you to do more business, and our bosses take it seriously! Here’s a quick chat with Mike Guimond, Bisnow’s West Coast Vice President. We spoke to him about his love of connecting people, the awe of attending ICSC RECon and falling flat on his face in front of a shocked audience. 

Mike Guimond is Bisnow’s vice president on the West Coast. Shoot him an email at

Why Bisnow and why CRE? 

I’m obsessed with meeting new people and I have found a way to combine that passion with my love of bringing people together and apply them to the commercial real estate industry. Working for Bisnow is a blessing because I'm able to connect individuals to one another in a formal setting, while still having fun and keeping CRE fresh and engaging through our content. 

What has been your most insane experience at Bisnow so far? 

I was not prepared for my first ICSC RECon in 2017. So many meetings with my team, so little sleep and I had less than a year under my belt at Bisnow. It was exhilarating learning how to manage time effectively out in the field, and see all the faces of our Washington, D.C., panelists and attendees in a new context. 

It really cemented the value of networking for me, and by the 2018 RECon I felt I could contribute more to my team during that hectic week.

Mike Guimond, Bisnow’s West Coast Vice President

What is your most embarrassing moment?

During our first-ever event in Indianapolis, I introduced the mayor who was participating in a special fireside chat. As soon as I began to exit the stage, I fell flat on my face. Everyone from the crowd was shocked, and many people came running up to me to see if I was OK. Safe to say no one from Naptown will forget me any time soon!

If you weren’t at Bisnow what would you be doing? 

I professionally acted in my teenage years in TV commercials, short films and I also did some voiceover work. Had my mother not set me on a path to be more business-oriented during my college years, I'd probably be out here on that same acting grind! 

In my spare time outside of work, I DJ and throw raves in Brooklyn. I also DJ once a month at Le Bain at The Standard, High Line in Manhattan. 

How do you describe what you do to friends and family? 

I keep the commercial real estate community informed and well-educated all across the West Coast!