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Cryptocurrency Consultants Open London Office


Agentic Group, a New York City-based global blockchain consortium, opened a London office in the Gherkin building. The company said it wanted to boost fintech in the UK in the wake of the Brexit decision. 

The consortium formed to provide a cohesive voice on the financial implications of digital currencies and blockchains. The entity has a roster of more than 35 companies worldwide to provide blockchain development services, according to Cryptocoin News.

The UK is the fifth-largest economy and historically the financial capital of the world. Canary Wharf is a cauldron of fintech startups. Adding credibility to the enterprise, the Bank of England recently met with the House of Lords to discuss the role of distributed ledger technology in finance. Though the outcome of the meeting wasn’t a full-throated endorsement of cryptocurrencies, a wider discussion did result—and Agentic hopes to advise on the issues that arise from the debate.

Agentic’s London office will be headed up by Lucas Cervigni, an entrepreneur and global fintech industry veteran. [CCN]