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What You Don't Know About Staci Redmon


Staci Redmon worked on major tech projects as a soldier and a civilian. Here’s the story of her journey from a 17-year-old who joined the Army to CEO of a fast-growing IT contractor:

Title: CEO, Strategy and Management Services Inc.
Company: Human services, technology and facilities management for federal, state and local, and commercial clients.
Recent contract wins: Follow-on Army National Guard contract for enterprise architecture, governance and building an IT investment process. Other contract wins include ACC-APG Belvoir – Business Administrative Support Services and GSA National Capital Region Operations and Maintenance. 
Biggest customer: US Army Reserves, providing survivor outreach services. 
Inspiration to launch firm: Worked in weapons systems review 10 years ago at the Pentagon and was bothered by the fact that so many programs don’t get funded even though they’re badly needed by the military. I was inspired to find a solution by launching a private-sector firm.
Tech background: Started in hardware in the '90s, digitizing the Army through Task Force 21. Also developed Applique, a program that mapped where satellite-connected military vehicles were at any moment. Then moved over to software and became the lead embedded engineer on Applique. We took the program to Bosnia, where I was based until 9/11.


Career start: Joined the Army at age 17 and knew right away that I didn’t want to do something I could do back home. I started as a tactical satellite microwave systems operator, which was my first exposure to technology. After the military, I went back to school to study computer science and software development in the early '90s. 
Lessons learned: Don’t be intimidated. If you know it, capitalize on it and hold your ground. (Learned this as one of the few women in tech in the '90s.)
Grew up: Harrisburg, PA
Parents: Mom was a key punch operator and eventually retired as the state’s comptroller; Dad worked in the steel industry as an electrician.
Why DC: Moved with TRW job and stayed to be close to family. 
Family: Married since ’86; three adult children.
Free time: Baking—staff gets my treats every Monday.
Bucket list: Visit the Grand Canyon.
Most people don’t know: I’m really an introvert