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Nuclear Regulatory Commission Staying In White Flint


Longtime partners Lerner Enterprises and Tower Cos have scored a major win in suburban Maryland, agreeing with the GSA to renew the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's HQ until 2033.

The NRC will continue to occupy 348k SF in Two White Flint North along Rockville Pike, next to the White Flint Metro stop. The NRC has been the building's only tenant since the Lerner and Abramson families built the office in 1993 in one of the best suburban locations in the region.

The NRC's lease was set to expire in 2018, and this move continues the trend of the GSA shoring up its backlog of leases. Although, we know there are still millions of square footage—the FBI, the TSA, the FCC and the DEA among them—still on the market.

The GSA released the NRC solicitation last May, two years after the NRC was almost forced to move by the House of Representatives once Congress' lower house found out the NRC needed only a fraction of the space into which it expanded in Three White Flint. The NRC was allowed to stay put after the Food and Drug Administration moved into the empty space next door.