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Meet Mallory

Filling a position held by the same person for 42 years isn't easy. But Lisa Mallory is approaching her role as DCBIA's new CEO with enthusiasm and a clear strategy.

Lisa (bottom, middle) was snapped moments ago in a staff selfie with colleagues Silvia Dumitrescu, Pam Shah, Liz DeBarros, Meaghan Cahill, and Danielle Melus. She's worked in the DC area for over 30 years in both the public and private sectors and most recently led the DC Department of Employment Services. In years past, she'd worked directly with DCBIA—an almost 500-member strong association of owners, brokers, engineers, architects, and more—before succeeding Gail Edwards as CEO. Lisa says being a former stakeholder of the DCBIA's interests has led to a seamless transition in promoting the industry.

Here's a group of DCBIA volunteers after renovating the Lederer Gardens in Ward 7 last year. Lisa says making building permits and public space decisions more transparent and easily obtainable are high on her priority list, as well as improving the valuation system for assessing DC buildings. Helping the city retain and grow businesses headquartered here is also a big push, she adds. Giving members a venue for leadership through DCBIA's various committees is also on the agenda, she says, as well as more programming. "We're member-focused and member-driven."