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Ivanhoe Projects Take Advantage of Transit


It's interesting to watch the progress on several fronts made by Ivanhoe Cambridge in this market, as it develops mixed-use communities. Oakridge Centre, which we wrote about yesterday, is the only designated Municipal Town Centre within the City of Vancouver, and, if the re-zoning application is approved by the city, will transfer what is now a mall into a comprehensive community. Ivanhoe is focusing more on real estate projects, especially in Canada.


Ivanhoe's VP retail development, Western Canada, Graeme Silvera also points to Brentwood Town Centre, Metrotown (which Ivanhoe also owns) and Surrey City Centre projects as a growing investment trend. "It's all about adding significant density to take advantage of proximity to transit," Graeme tells Bisnow, referring specifically to the Canada Line. "The Oakridge redevelopment proposal [photo] is significant in redefining community planning and future growth within the Metro Region. It is designed as a true mixed-use community--including retail, residential, office and a wide range of community amenities--a prototype for a culturally and environmentally sustainable model."