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Laurie Hodges' Double Life

Laurie Hodges' Double Life

Laurie and Pat

Bisnow sales guru Pat Kassin has been in Seattle less than two weeks, but he's already made friends with IA Architects director of business development Laurie Hodges. If you think Laurie's day job is cool, her night job is even cooler, especially if you're a soccer fan.

Ochoa goal_2011

Laurie covers the Sounders for Soccer Seattle Magazine, CONCACAF, and, shooting pics from the sidelines and writing copy. Above, her favorite pic so far:Sammy Ochoa celebrating a goal, one of his first with the team. But more importantly, she says, is that she's the director of PR and marketing for Steve Zakuani's non-profitKingdom Hope, which aims to instill leadership skills in community youth.

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