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Uber's Expansion Plan Is On Overdrive

Uber keeps speeding up its square footage domination plan and is now eating up more Market Street space, the San Francisco Business Times reports. Its Mission Bay HQ won't deliver for two years, so for now it's tacking on 40k SF in 685 Market, which will take its tally up to 113k SF on six floors in the building it started leasing this year. And it's in talks to take 175k SF at 555 Market one block away, sources told the Business Times. (The free magnums of Belvedere vodka at the leasing event in December might've sealed the deal, as we hear CEO Travis Kalanick is a liquor aficionado.)

We wrote about the big city blocks up for grabs at 575-555 Market (at 555, Uber would take the majority of the 200k SF Omnicom left behind). It means Uber would lease and pre-lease 920k SF, which includes its main home base at 1455 Market and future one in Mission Bay. It's an interesting parallel to Salesforce, which scratched a Mission Bay HQ plan to focus on a walkable downtown campus; Uber is replicating that model while it pursues the Mission Bay HQ route that Salesforce did not.