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Oregon Senate Passes Work Schedule Predictability Bill

Oregon Senate chamber

A bill passed by the Oregon Senate Thursday (SB 828) would mandate work schedule predictability for certain food service, retail and hospitality workers statewide. If passed by the House, the state would be the first in the nation to pass such a measure, though some cities, including Seattle, New York and San Francisco, have already passed laws regulating on-call worker scheduling.

The bill was among Democrats' top priority workplace policy bills this session, which also included an equal pay law passed and signed into law earlier this month, the Oregonian reports.

Starting in July 2018, companies with at least 500 workers would have to give their Oregon employees written estimates of their work schedules seven days before the start of any given workweek. In 2020, the notice requirement would rise to 14 days.

The bill would also mandate the right for employees to rest between shifts and receive extra pay if they are scheduled to work two shifts with less than a 10-hour break in between.