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Employers Who've Treated Workers Well Are 'Rock Stars.' Others Are Losing Staff

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katherine Huh

In this episode, PwC Advisory Real Estate Director Katherine Huh discusses her work consulting with companies and landlords about their workplace and real estate offerings. She said most workplaces are still working on their timeline for returning to the workplace and holding off making any drastic moves with their real estate space for the time being. 

"They are so shocked by all of this, they are just not making any big decisions,” she said on the show. "They kind of want to see how some of the people who are making changes, like, ‘How does that go for you? If you reduce your footprint do you actually end up pulling that back a bit and acquiring more space?'”

Huh believes employees now have more power than ever before, and those companies that have gone the extra mile to help their staff are standing out in this time of crisis.

“This was kind of an opportunity for employers to show their true colors, and the ones that really doubled down on being considerate and not reducing people’s salary and not letting people go and trying to make the home office experience really positive ... The ones that did that well are rock stars,” she said. “They have so much loyalty from their employees for being there through something that was really tough … the ones that didn’t, people are starting to leave.”