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Bottle this up and sell it! Senior execs of hospitality and real estate companies are much more optimistic than their counterparts in other industries about the prospects for the economy, according to a newly released Ernst & Young survey—that’s 79% of these execs, compared to 66% of other poll takers. This is a great jump, because only six months ago, 57% of hospitality and real estate folks said the same thing. We’re now looking at a brightening M&A outlook, with emerging markets interest 50% higher and non-distressed asset interest 75% higher than October’s survey results, according to E&Y global hospitality leader Michael Fishbin. Want to hear what New Yorkers have to say? Join Bisnow at its NY Hospitality Investment Summit July 27 and hear from some of the top hoteliers in the industry. Great schmoozing, too! Register here.
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But wait! Want a chance to join us at The Roosevelt for free? The first three readers to send the correct answers to amanda@bisnow.comafter 3pm EDT will get complimentary admission to Bisnow’s NY Hotel Investment Summit. Get those Googling fingers ready:
  1. Which hotels were The Muppet Show’s two cantankerous, heckling balcony dwellers named after? (Clue: the well known façade of one is pictured.)
  2. Which of NYC’s nearly century-old hotels is slated for demolition and replacement by an approved mixed-use trophy tower?
  3. Which hotel called itself “The Lulla-buy of all Broadway” in catchy local TV ads?
  4. Which hotel was the backdrop for Kay Thompson’s Eloisebooks?
  5. Which famous female hotelier appeared in advertisements that proclaimed “The queen stands guard”?
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