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Will Taco Bell's Alcohol Experiment Inspire More Chains To Follow Suit?


Taco Bell announced earlier this summer that it would open a location that serves alcohol in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. The new store will be on the nightlife hot spot of Milwaukee Avenue and serve beer, wine and frozen mixed drinks. Another location that serves alcohol is on tap for San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood, Fortune reports. Will Yum! Brands' foray into alcohol sales spur more fast food chains to follow suit? Some chains have experimented with serving alcohol, like Burger King’s “Whopper Bar” concept, but the practice remains rare in the US and is typically only pursued in select cities. Alcohol laws and regulations are one impediment standing in the way of widespread adoption. The Taco Bell location in Chicago faced resistance from the local ward boss and neighborhood residents, resulting in the company agreeing to hire a bouncer and to stop serving drinks at midnight. Fast food restaurants serving alcohol is common practice in Europe, even for the US-based establishments. [FORTUNE]