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Plot Thickens As Property Owners Demand Answers At Montrose District Meeting

Montrose Bridges

Yesterday's Montrose Management District board meeting got heated as angry property owners sought answers regarding a petition to dissolve the district. Hundreds of commercial property owners assessed by the district signed a petition for dissolution that was denied in September. According to the Houston Chronicle, some said their signatures were determined to be invalid, but they were never told why.

"This whole concept of an improvement district was just rammed down our throats," property owner Lelia Rodgers told Nancy Sarnoff. A dozen speakers addressed the board, many to applause. "Every one of those petitions was good, which is why you have so may people here today to tell you the same thing," said Daphne Scarbrough. Most speakers made a similar plea, "Accept my petition or drop me from the assessment rolls."

A similar petition effort in 2012 led to a lawsuit against the management district accusing it of collecting assessments illegally. Recently a Harris County Court ruled in favor of the commercial property owners, deeming the management district invalid and ordering it to reimburse property owners. The lawsuit remains pending as the district has filed a request that the court amend its findings. [Chron]