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The Development, Design And Cooling Of RagingWire's TX1


RagingWire's new data center campus sits on 42 acres on the edge of Garland and Richardson. The 1M SF campus will deliver with 80MW. RagingWire VP Jim Leach built a team to make the project Texas ready.

JLL managing director Bo Bond helped RagingWire lock down a site in Garland. The reasoning: It's where users want to be, and there's the ability for scale and good transportation infrastructure. 

The site's location on the border of Garland and Richardson allows for two sets of substations, one through Garland Power and Light and the other through Oncor


RagingWire's in-house design and construction teams worked with Page to design the project around worst-case scenarios, Page principal John Major says. An EF3 tornado with winds up to 165 mph can't shake TX1. 

The North Texas heat posed a challenge for the center, but Air Enterprises VP John Kolar and his team formatted the heat wheel exchanger to reject heat. The efficiency of the heat exchanger has a lot of partial, or shoulder, hours. 

Here are John Major, Jim, Bo and John Kolar.


The team also planned for the future by removing water. You can't get an SLA on water, Kolar says, so there's been a big push in the industry to get rid of water in cooling systems.

The project will have cooling and control systems that react to variances so 40KW cabinets can sit next to 2KW cabinets, John Major says.

The next phases of the project will undoubtedly adapt to keep up with innovation. As John Major puts it, you can't predict the future, you can only get ready for it.