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Charlotte attorney Jerry Reese

Charlotte attorney Jerry Reese has  back-burnered  his opposition to minor league baseball uptown. ?For the first time in over  four years, there is currently no pending litigation between me and Mecklenburg County regarding the AAA stadium,? says Jerry, whom we recently snapped uptown. He's (unsuccessfully) sued the various parties involved a half dozen times to block the Charlotte Knights from building a $54M stadium uptown. He prefers the idea of bringing a major league team to the Center City. Jerry also describes as ?inadequate? a plan for a new uptown public space called Bearden Park. Despite no new lawsuits, his quest for major league play in the greater Charlotte area has not eclipsed. (He plans to look elsewhere for more welcoming horizons.) But is his continued effort to battle the Charlotte Knights and Mecklenburg County really over when it's over? Only Jerry knows for sure. ?Any future legal action is entirely dependent upon the wisdom of the Mecklenburg County Commission with respect to these matters.?