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State of the Seaport: Fabulous

Just a few years ago, the waterfront was a quiet preserve of parking lots. Now it’s one of the hottest property markets in the US with new offices, housing, hotels, parks and cultural amenities here and coming. That's why we're excited to be hosting our 4th Annual Bisnow State of the Seaport event on May 7 starting at 7:30am at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel.


As president of Boston Harbor Association, for decades Vivien Li, who'll be speaking at the event, has been guiding and monitoring the incredible transformation of this neighborhood where 11 big commercial properties are now under construction. A major concern of Vivien’s is that the public has access to the water, the life force that stirs the souls of Bostonians. She’s gratified that developers are building parks, providing open space, water transport, civic and cultural amenities. Hear what else is on her mind at Bisnow’s State of the Seaport, May 7, 7:30am, at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. (Sign up here.)

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