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Developer FoxRock Takes Quincy Medical Center Site


FoxRock Properties acquired the former Quincy Medical Center property at 114 Whitwell St, which Steward Health Care closed as a hospital in 2014. As yet, the locally based developer has no specific redevelopment plans for the site, but it will be a "medical-related use," said FoxRock's Chris Reale. FoxRock also entered into a five-year lease with the Steward Satellite Emergency Facility to continue providing ER services at the property.

The deal also includes an agreement that will allow FoxRock to develop a city-owned Ross parcel in Quincy’s Downtown. The designation of FoxRock as the developer for the Ross parcel is part of the city’s framework for public-private partnerships in the Quincy Center revitalization efforts. 

Acquisition of this site follows the Quincy City Council’s recent approval of the amended Quincy Center Urban Revitalization District Plan, which outlines public infrastructure improvements and private investment and redevelopment efforts Downtown.