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Susan Windham-Bannister Leaves Flourishing Life Science Industry


Dr. Susan Windham-Bannister (who took home a Bizzy Award at our event last week) is leaving the Massachusetts Life Science Center she’s led for 6.5 years, so we asked her to reflect on its accomplishments. Despite being launched in June 2008 as the great recession took hold, it has helped the state’s life science sector grow 17.5%, faster than any other industry. The Center, which has a promise of $1B in funding over 10 years, has sparked innovation by extending grants and loans to academia and industry.


To help create a skilled workforce, funding has gone to schools like Revere High School, which Susan (above) visited yesterday, and applied research facilities at U Mass Medical School in Worcester ($90M). The Center has invested $20M to support young companies like Good Start Genetics, a developer of inexpensive genetic tests for future parents that now has 100 employees. Before coming to the Center, Susan was a consultant to life science companies, guiding them in business strategy, innovation and new product launches. A highlight for her: distributing the industry benefits statewide and to a diverse population. Good luck, Susan!