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Top 11 of '11; Hottest Deals

Top 11 of '11;  Hottest Deals
Boston dealmakers were smokin' this year in life science,multifamily, retail, and even the occasional office property. Here?s our Top 11 list of some of the biggest deals. While opinions may vary, ya' gotta admit, we had some blockbusters.
Quincy $1.2B Mega Project
Quincy signd $1.2b deal to rebuild Quincy Center
In January, Quincy Mayor Tom Koch started ?11 with a bang when he signed a land disposition agreement for the $1.2B makeoverof the city center with the NY-based Street-Works' partners Ken Narva and Richard Heapes. The plan calls for 1M SF of new offices, 700 housing units, two hotels, a cinema/entertainment complex, and 575k SF of new retail/restaurants. The massive overhaul—projected to create 4,100 construction jobs and 5,700 permanent jobs—also requires the private developer to build$227M of public infrastructure. Once the buildings are occupied and producing revenue, the city will purchase the infrastructure, including parking garages, from Street-Works, which hopes for a '13 construction start.
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