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NYU Hospitality Show!

NYU Hospitality Show!

6.6.13 str

The tight Boston hotel market (just try booking a room) reflects the historic level of supply and demand nationwide, which we learned from STR Global chairman Randy Smith. Wesnapped him at the 35thannual NYU hospitality conferencein Manhattan this week, where he saidmonthly room supply clocked in at nearly 148 million rooms in April, a 600,000-room jump in only 10 years. (What does that translate to in pillow-chocolate consumption?)

6.6.13 mort

Boston Properties chairman Mort Zuckerman (right) isnt one to sugarcoat his feelings, joining Hyatt exec chairman Tom Pritzker to discuss the state of, well, pretty much everything. Despite improving numbers, hes still concerned about the economy. Toms big question: How will Washington react to innovation and the economic opportunities that come with it? Both warned that businesses need to be more agile and prepared for instability.