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MIT Offers Mutual Gains Approach to RE Negotiation

MIT Offers Mutual Gains Approach to RE Negotiation


MIT Center for Real Estate associate director Lisa Thoma tells us that the Center offered the first graduate program of its kind 30 years ago and continues to be the vanguard for professional development. Its "Mutual Gains Approach to Real Estate Negotiation" course (offered for May 2013) is an intensive two-day program that provides powerful negotiating tools, all pioneered at the MIT-Harvard Public Disputes Program. Its taught by Professor Larry Suskind, who's renowned in the world of negotiation (including hostage intervention). Also offered is "Community Relations: Winning Community Support for Land-Use Projects" (July 22 and 23). This course provides an effective strategy for mobilizing communities and winning permits for land-use projects. Lisa says that although no one approach works for all situations, it's important to understand a broad range of strategies and techniques for winning community support. For more info on our sponsor, click here.

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