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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: Uber's Atlanta Connection

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Uber, co-founded by Travis Kalanick, is reinventing the wheel. Launched in 2009 and currently serving over 70 cities, Uber has conquered the world in a few short years. Through the Uber app, drivers and riders are connected in the click of a button. Its new service, uberX (better, faster, and cheaper than a taxi), allows everyday drivers to pick up riders (explained here by Uber's Brittany Cummins with Bisnow's Brian Kinslow during our 4th Annual Atlanta Healthcare Real Estate Summit this morning) With uberX, you can request a ride with drivers who are insured and have passed an extensive background process. The same Uber app can be used globally (hello, Uber Shanghai!), so you can keep the app on your phone when traveling to almost anywhere. Uber and Bisnow are partnering this month, so be sure to use Uber promo code ALTBisnow2014 to get $20 off your first ride. For more info on our sponsor, click here.