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Jeff Pollock Instrumental to Dad's Garage Theatre Deal


Pollock Commercial's Jeff Pollock just helped the popular community theater troupe buy a new home very close to its old Inman Park location in a move that revives its independence.


Dad's Garage Theatre now has an official new home in a 12k SF church building at 569 Ezzard St, buying it for nearly $2M. The improv theater's down payment came after a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign raised $169k, and got help from its board of directors, which secured 5% of the property value for a down payment. “The feasibility for making the project happen was when they passed the hat to the community,” Jeff (here with Pollock's Katie Sentell and Philip Covin) tells us. And it's walking distance from the Beltline and MARTA. Dad's Garage, now co-existing with 7 Stages Theatre, will wait out the church's year lease before moving in.


Dad's Garage was forced to move last year from its longtime home in Inman Park to make way for JPX Work's $45M 280 Inman mixed-use project now underway. Jeff says Dad's Garage operators had a tall order: find a site in the same area that could accommodate a theater and lots of parking. There weren't many choices, and the church building proved the best. It's also on two acres, allowing Dad's Garage to eventually add onto the building for a second stage, Jeff says. Debut performances are scheduled for mid-2016.