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sk commercial realty tom kirbo am wcnn 680 104.7 love van vickie kim king
And now for another entry into our ?First Jobs? series. This smiling mug is none other than SK Commercial Realty's famous  Tom Kirbo, back in the early '90s. He tells us his first job wasn't in CRE, but it was connected to it in a big way: ?My first job was to sell Georgia Tech ads for AM WCNN (currently AM680).? At the time, it was an all-news station that aired Tech games. The station was part of a company partly owned by famed developer Kim King, who Tom met while working on former Gov. Roy Barnes?  first bid for governor in 1990. Kim helped him land a job as the ad sales guy for that station and LOVE 104.7FM, a job that allowed Tom to drive around in the LOVE 104.7 van:?My first lunch date with [his now wife] Vickie Scott… I went and picked her up in the LOVE 104.7 van.?
2045 peachtree sk realty commercial renovations mob kirbo tom
Tom and Vickie just celebrated their  20th wedding anniversary. By 1992, he began helping Vickie?s dad with real estate investments and moved into the industry full-time. Now Tom—a partner with the recently formed SK Commercial Realty—is busy on a variety of MOB and  medical properties, including leasing 2045 Peachtree building (above, under renovation now), developing the Children's Healthcare MOB  in  Duluth, and being tapped to lease a  300k SF office and flex portfolio in Jacksonville.