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Facebook, Instagram, Instabook, Facegram… we prefer
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We tell stories about people, as humanizing business is our passion.

Keeping it Snappy

We value your time more than Trump values publicity.
Our news is brief and our events return you to the office by 10AM.


Like the scoop from your next-door neighbor, our scoop is localized to your market and its surrounding neighborhoods.

People love photos

So that you can connect names to faces, our content is picture heavy.

Funny Business

Have we told you we like humor?

What can a trade publication do to make the industry more fun, not to mention stand out from competitors? Two words: jet packs.

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The Team

Gabriella Walling

Event Marketing Manager

Gabby is a retired high school athlete (soccer and basketball) as of 2013. She now channels her competitive spirit towards backpacking, boardgames and whatever that can be spun as a competition. A recent graduate of Harding University, Gabriella graduated top of her class with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She's a big dreamer and believes anything can be accomplished with some grit, communication and a smile. If you want to get her on your good side chocolate soy milk is the way to her heart.

Claire Fukutaki

Event Producer, NorCal & Pacific Northwest

Claire is a Cali-bred globetrotter packed with a bio degree, boundless energy, and a big smile. After graduating UC Santa Cruz, Claire solo-toured Europe for two months before moving to San Francisco. Claire has managed all kinds of events - from swim team socials and art shows to biotech conferences and hackathons. She's obsessed with making connections, whether it's at tech talks, in Uber Pools, or in line at the neighborhood taqueria. Now, Claire's ready to bring her love of events and people to Bisnow. You can catch Claire on the weekends jumping into various bodies of water, singing (badly) to Lana del Rey on road trips, and feasting on PB&Js.

Lauren Geelard

Event Coordinator, Midwest

Lauren began her foray in the events industry by owning a production company that specialized in musical talent and audio visuals where she often produced upwards of 8-10 events per week. Not wanting to be tied to the ever-increasing financial challenges of equipment repairs, transportation logistics and high warehousing fees, she decided to switch her focus to just the human side, and now focuses solely on her expertise in event project management. Working with Bisnow affords has been a wonderful way to hone her skills and passion together. When Lauren isn't working events, she can be found planning her next trip to a warm climate (Chicago winters are waaaay too long!) and enjoys staying active.

Sean Donahue

Director, Escape I Ascent

BBQ and World Series Championship baseball - that's what Kansas City does. Born and raised in the BBQ capital of Planet Earth, Sean has been a BBQ snob for his entire life. (Don't even think about bringing up Memphis or the Carolinas.) After growing up as a vagabond living in three different states, Sean decided to go abroad for college. He ventured to the great country of Texas, where he became a Horned Frog at TCU. Upon graduating with degrees in marketing, entrepreneurial management and country music, Sean had great aspirations to become an eskimo, so he decided to winter in Chicago. Unfortunately, he couldn't cut it at ice-fishing and wound up doing investment sales for Cushman & Wakefield and institutional sales for a CRE tech start-up. He attended so many Bisnow events throughout his career that he accidentally morphed into one of us. And yes, he still wears cowboy boots to meetings in the Big Apple. (And is often rightly judged for it.)

Johnathan Smith

Software Engineer

Johnathan joined Bisnow after being in the academic and higher-ed field. There, he spearheaded several projects to increase brand awareness, contribute to faculty/student success, and develop essential university-wide web applications. Johnathan will now utilize his impressive software engineering experience to create a lasting impact for Bisnow and its customers. He currently resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife and daughter.

Tyler Fisher

VP, Sales

Noting a regrettable lack of abnormally tall gingers, we knew Tyler would be a good fit from the moment he walked in the door. Atop Tyler's extensive resume you will find the marks from his report cards in grades K-12 that read "too talkative." (Which means he must be somehow related to our CEO, Will Friend.)  Tyler prides himself on his ability to talk a dog off a meat truck or the paint off the wall. (Give him a call if you have any pesky wallpaper that won’t come down.) He also prides himself on his ability to use worn out clichés. Never one to be scared of picking up the phone or working through the night (he has a passionate hate for sleep), Tyler grinds night and day as one of Bisnow's Sales VP looking to grow Bisnow to the next logical step - world domination. (In a metaphorical sense… no need to dive into your emergency bunkers.)

Bisnow has spent the last eight years putting humor and fun at the core of its b-to-b media model - and has grown rapidly.

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