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The Future Of The Workplace Is Everywhere

Houston Office

The future of the workplace is the corner of a conference room table, a table in the break room or your favorite spot at the coffee shop. DLR Group principal Filo Castore is involved in the trend on both ends of the spectrum—as an architect and as a professional who got rid of his office entirely—and talked with us about what's making it possible.


Filo highlighted the national trend towards offices becoming more nimble. Filo himself has ditched his office, preferring to work out of a briefcase where he finds a suitable space.

The evolution of the "work anywhere" mentality is tied to tech, particularity cloud computing. The speed and ease of access to cloud computing is crucial in remote work. Video conferencing is another major factor. Once reserved for elite boardrooms, now nearly every smartphone and computer has video conferencing capability. Video conferencing in particular helps a firm's bottom line by cutting down on downtime and travel.

Filo thinks we still have a ways to go, but with encouraging signs of creative offices catching on in law firms, things are in motion. Hear more from Filo and a wide variety of experts are Bisnow's The Workplace of the Future event on Dec. 1.