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State Court Reverses Ruling, Stoking Heated Conflict Around 1717 Bissonnet/Ashby High-Rise


A state appellate court reversed a portion of the 2014 judgment requiring developers of 1717 Bissonnet (better known as the Ashby high-rise) to pay damages to residents if they constructed the tower. In 2014, a jury found in favor of 20 households (all within one block of the proposed building) in a protracted legal battle against Buckhead Development Partners and ordered the developer to pay them $1.7M if the project was built, reports the Houston Chronicle.  

The 21-story residential building would stand between Boulevard Oaks and Southampton, neighborhoods marked by tree-lined streets and upscale single-family homes. The Stop Ashby High-Rise Coalition has opposed the development since 2007, primarily claiming it would bring too much traffic. (Buckhead says it would at most cause a four-second delay.) This is a developing story. [Chron]