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Seattle Forecast 2018!

Seattle's Opportunities- and Challenges- in a Global Bull Market

Event Ended On: Thursday January 25 2018

Registration Questions? **Please note we have pricing tiers based on ticket availability. Ticket prices will increase once we sell out of the current pricing tier. We cannot redeem a lower price once the ticket prices have been raised. **Bisnow is a cashless, checkless operation. Please only submit payment via credit card.

Events Speakers and Panels

Foreign Investment & Development

Why the World's Eye Remains Fixed on Seattle

Simon Stevenson

Simon Stevenson

Director, UW Runstad Center for Real Estate Studies
Holly Yang

Holly Yang

First Vice President, Kidder Mathews
Suzanne Dale Estey

Suzanne Dale Estey

Partner, Gallatin Public Affairs

Workplace, Innovation, Investment and the Economy

From Private Design, Strategy and Investment to Public Policy and all that Lies Between

Ashley Branca

Ashley Branca

Director of Workplace Strategy, CBRE


Time Activity
7:30 AM
8:30 AM
Pre-Game Networking
8:30 AM
8:40 AM
Opening Keynote: Pat Callahan
8:40 AM
9:20 AM
Foreign Investment and Development
9:20 AM
10:00 AM
Building the Pacific Rim's Great Tech Incubator
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
Post-Game Networking


Four Seasons Hotel Seattle
99 Union Street
Seattle, WA 98101

Ballroom: The Ballroom, 2nd Floor

Parking Information: Valet Discounted Rate of $28.00 per car
Self-Parking Options:
Republic Parking Lot: 1400 Alaskan Way (2-4 Hrs $12.29)
Target Parking Garage (3-4 Hrs $16.00)
Russell Investment Center Garage: 1301 Second Ave. (3-4 Hrs $24 / Early Bird $16)

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Event Summary

No city in the world is better placed than Seattle to benefit from the shift of the world’s economic fulcrum to it’s new geography: the Pacific Rim. In communications, trend-setting companies, investment and research, the Emerald City looks more like the future with each passing year. A

global bull market

is the latest wave Seattle finds itself riding, with foreign capital pouring in it appears that everyone wants into this corner of the PNW.

If this all sounds too rosy to you, that's probably a sign you have a good head on your shoulders.

Poor infrastructure, significant problems with education and a disappearing middle threaten to derail the momentum provided by a miraculous series of advantages. Our appeal to foreign investors and the singularly innovative business culture are two crucial means for sustaining the boom, and we’ll dedicate one panel to each topic on January 25.

As always, come early and stay late for

breakfast and premier commercial real estate


Don't forget your biz cards!

Come hear from the city’s top whizzes on the industry’s top questions:

1. What are the opportunities to build one's capital stack beyond EB-5? 

2. How do we foster stronger dialogue with institutional investors in Asia, Europe and beyond? 

3. How does Seattle continue to amass the nation's greatest example of a "workforce of the future”? 

4. How can a city become an incubator for marketable ideas?

5. Who are the hottest movers and shakers in the tenant market?