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MOST: Manchester Office, Sustainability & Tech

It's time to think outside the box

Event Ended On: Wednesday November 6 2019

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Events Speakers and Panels

Office Sector leading Manchester's Sustainable Regeneration

Ben Sanderson

Ben Sanderson

Executive Director, Hermes Investment Management

Manchester vs Salford

Head to Head

Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor

CEO, Salford City Council

Adapting Manchester Office for the Tech Sector


Time Activity
7:30 AM
8:20 AM
Breakfast & Networking
8:25 AM
9:00 AM
Office Sector leading Manchester's Sustainable Regeneration
9:05 AM
9:20 AM
Digital Twins, A Platform to Transform Building Operations
A Presentation by Invicara
9:20 AM
9:30 AM
Stretch Break
9:35 AM
9:55 AM
Manchester vs Salford Head to Head
Regeneration Discussion
9:55 AM
10:35 AM
Adapting Manchester Office for the Tech Sector
10:35 AM
11:00 AM
Post Panel Networking


Whitworth 1
Principal Manchester
Oxford Road, Manchester
M60 7HA

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Event Summary

Manchester's Office market is booming.. or is it? The city has been flourishing with new office developments attracting both occupiers and investors. 2018 saw office leasing in Manchester 52% higher than the 10 year average.. It is being classed as the new expanding Tech City of the North but is that actually the reality or has it already peaked? Bisnow brings together top talents from development companies as well as local authorities within the Manchester market for this exciting office event! Bisnow is challenging Manchester to explore topics including building office space for new tech tenants, the divide between Manchester and Salford, and the optimistic challenges of Manchester's sustainability targets. Share your comments, post your photos and ask questions using #BisnowEurope on Twitter and Linkedin, and follow us at @BisnowEurope on Twitter for more local news.

  1. The city region’s bold ambition is to be carbon-neutral by 2038 - What should the Office sector be doing to help with this target?
  2. How is Greater Manchester investing in tomorrow's workplaces?
  3. Why are companies such as Amazon, TalkTalk, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and supposedly BT choosing offices in Manchester rather than London?
  4. Has the Manchester Office Market peaked? Which area of Great Manchester is going to continue to drive Office expansion?
  5. Salford Regeneration - Are they doing it better than Manchester? Is it too late to the party?