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Dunton Commercial Gets New Owners

Peter Katz, Taylor Fenn and Nate Melchior of Dunton Commercial

One of Denver’s oldest commercial real estate companies has been taken over by a team of three professionals who plan to focus on its third-party commercial property management business.

Taylor Fenn and Peter Katz, owners of Walpin & Co. have acquired the 114-year-old Dunton Commercial LLC. Nate Melchior, former senior real estate asset manager with Wells Fargo Wealth Management, joined the new partnership as Dunton Commercial CEO. 

“We saw a great opportunity to take an established Denver commercial real estate company and transform it by building around new, highly talented management and state-of-the-art systems and processes,” Fenn said. “We will be aggressively growing the property management and maintenance businesses, as well as acquiring investment properties to provide a top-tier commercial management and investment company.”

As part of the effort to focus on relationship-driven growth of the property management business, Dunton will cease all brokerage services by the end of the first quarter. While Dunton’s brokers transition out of the business, the company will support their continued service of existing accounts.

The company has 2.3M SF of property under management. Its goal is to increase its property management portfolio to 5M SF within three years.

“We want to do one thing and do it better than anyone, and that’s property management,” Melchior said. “We see an opportunity to build on our property management platform using my brokerage and leasing relationships around town."