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Barber, Enforcer, Dealmaker — Dallas Sales Rep Adam Keith Is Bisnow’s Jack-Of-All-Trades

Bisnow proudly presents a new series called “Bisnow Bosses” focused on introducing you to the men and women building Bisnow, and your business, in your local market. Our mission is to help you do more business, and our bosses take it seriously. Here’s a quick chat with Adam Keith, our head of sales in Dallas. Shoot him an email at 

Bisnow Dallas sales rep Adam Keith

He’s broken up riots as a member of her majesty’s police force in London. GQ has turned to him for grooming and fashion advice. And he shows up to Bisnow events in a gecko suit. The Most Interesting Man In the World doesn’t actually exist, but we’re pretty sure the character was based on our Dallas sales rep Adam Keith.

We sat down with our resident jack-of-all-trades to talk about backpacking through Cambodia and how he went from styling hair for the British intelligentsia to making deals in Dallas’s red-hot CRE scene.

To contact Adam Keith, send him an email at

Who are you?

I'm a Brit from London now making my home in Dallas. I was told everything would be bigger here, but so far there’s no Bigger Ben.

How did you find Bisnow?

I had been a police constable and then a barber in London for many years, but it’s hard to get to the luxuries of life when you’re cutting hair, so I figured I needed a change. Bisnow’s CEO is an old friend of mine, and after I moved to Dallas, Will [Friend] suggested I come work for him. I like to learn a trade really well and become an expert in whatever I’m doing. Right now, my trade is commercial real estate.

Wait, you were a barber?

And a pretty good one at that. I was on a few daytime television programs where people would ask me style questions for their hair or beards or clothes. Most of it was inane garbage, but I was also interviewed by GQ, the Times and BBC4 Radio. Once I was on a great TV show called Better By Design; I got an IMDB page out of that one.

Bisnow Dallas sales rep Adam Keith in a news clipping on shaving advice

Do you still cut hair?

I’d say I do about four haircuts a month. Only for my very close friends. 

What’s the most important deal you’ve made?

I worked out that there was a synergy between Mitsubishi HVAC systems and PACE funding for energy-efficient building upgrades. I realized that building owners here in Dallas could be getting a top-of-the-line heating system essentially for free and actually introduced Mitsubishi to many of the developers down here.

What’s your favorite trip you’ve been on?

I went backpacking around Thailand and Cambodia back in the 90s with a couple mates. I remember once we were deep in the jungle of the Golden Triangle, and we stopped by a bar where the patrons had never seen anybody who looked like us. But they had the television tuned to a West Ham United Premier League game, so we all ended up getting along just fine.

What’s your most insane experience at Bisnow so far?

I sometimes show up to our events in gecko and turkey outfits. Running an event in a full mascot suit is fairly surreal.

Bisnow Dallas sales rep Adam Keith in his police constable uniform

What about when you were a policeman in London?

I remember during training, I had just been given all my new toys, and I was showing off my handcuffs to one of my mates. I decided it would be a good idea to handcuff him to a stranger’s car. Then I realized I had no idea where the cuff keys were. Took a good long time to find them. That or having to stop an angry mob from smashing a Shaftesbury Avenue pub to pieces.

What are you excited about in CRE right now?

Opportunity zones in Dallas. Brings me back to my days as an HVAC salesman, realizing that we can use the same synergies to get developers the funding and capital they need for these OZ projects.

If you weren't at Bisnow, where would you be and what would you be doing?

I’d be an instructor at the Bar Method. 

LAZ Parking’s Marcelo Unterbug, Bisnow Vice President Greg Cox and sales rep Adam Keith, and LAZ Parking’s Jason Groen at Bisnow’s Road To Riches: The 121 Corridor! event in Dallas

You can meet Adam Keith at Bisnow’DFW Opportunity Zones event April 9 or contact him at or (469) 865-9865.