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Is Brexit Paving The Way For Texit?


With only one day until the Brexit vote, discussion is swirling about how the EU (and real estate) would be affected. But as Texas' largest foreign direct investor, Britain holds more weight in the Lone Star State than we often remember. Experts agree that if Britain left the EU, it would bring uncertainty to the global economy. And with $4.4B exchanging hands from Texas to Britain in 2015, Texans could feel their fair share of volatility.

Plus, Brexit has Texas secessionists taking notes on the recently resurfaced "Texit" idea, the Houston Chronicle reports. You don't have to search too hard to find parallels between Britain's potential withdrawal from the EU and some Texans' hopeful exit from the Union. If nothing else, a successful Brexit would bring a visible First World example of political restructuring of an independent entity. [Chron]

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