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Top Post-Work Cocktail Spots in Chicago: Part 2

    Top Post-Work Cocktail Spots in Chicago: Part 2

    You’ve had a long day doing site visits and need to unwind with the team. Where to go that has stiff drinks with a side of sass and a twist of tasty? Here’s Part 2 of our handy guide to where to grab a cocktail after hours. (View Part 1 here.)

    6) Billy Sunday

    Bar: Billy Sunday

    Address: 3143 W Logan Blvd, Logan Square

    Signature: The Good Book (no, not that one). You have to ask to see it, but it’s a fantastic read of “back bar” offerings like rare amari and scotch whisky.

    Also known for: Its name, a fun-loving middle finger directed at early 20th century evangelist William Ashley “Billy” Sunday and his pro-prohibition rhetoric.

    7) Punch House

    Bar: Punch House

    Address: 1227 W 18th St, Pilsen

    Signature: The punch, naturally. It’s $59 for a shareable bowl of “Hot Charles Dickens Punch,” featuring Jamaican rum, French brandy, rare tea, sugar, lemon and, get this, fire.

    Also known for: Its neighbors. Punch House is in the basement below concert venue of the moment Thalia Hall and the Longman & Eagle folks’ latest, Dusek’s.

    8) RM Champagne Salon

    Bar: RM Champagne Salon

    Address: 116 N Green St, West Loop

    Signature: Its European chic vibe. Only those in the know can find the entrance, via a cobblestone alley and worlds away from bustling Randolph Street.

    Also known for: Magical outdoor space in the summer (pictured). And some deliciously dainty accompaniments with your drink, like some cloth-bound cheddar or house-spun gelato.

    9) Ward Eight

    Bar: Ward Eight

    Address: 629 Howard St, Evanston

    Signature: Living proof that craft cocktails in the ‘burbs isn’t an oxymoron. The kicker: the bar’s digs once housed the Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

    Also known for: It’s an even better bang for your buck than downtown hotspots, with flawlessly executed classics like the French 75 or Sidecar.

    10) Cocktail Courier

    Bar: Cocktail Courier

    Address: Your house

    Signature: This online DIY cocktail delivery service just launched in Chicago, and it’s a perfect, stress-free way to play host after work.

    Also known for: Drinks dreamed up by favorite Chicago bartenders, like the Botanical Beach (pictured), a gin and mint cocktail by Nico’s Matty Eggleston.