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November 21, 2007


Sponsor Update: Our friends at Division 2 have been awarded the excavation contract for the Redland Center for Clark Construction and just completed the final grading for Silver Spring Gateway for Turner Construction.

The Bisnow bunch is breaking out to all corners of the country tomorrow to don pilgrim attire, eat turkey, and give thanks, so we thought it’d be fun to see what some of our loyal readers are up to for the holiday.

Brookfield’s Paul Schulman is celebrating in the Big Apple at his sister’s house with his wife and daughters.  We’d tell you to look for them on NBC at the Macy’s Day Parade but Paul says they’ll be watching the festivities from a climate-controlled office building (a Brookfield one, perhaps?). 

Mancini Duffy’s Yves Springuel says his Thanksgiving will be on the smaller side this year – with only a dozen family members (sometimes it's three times that). Yves is responsible for the turkey and the stuffing which he tells us is “as messy and as much work as designing” as he makes the sausage from scratch.  On Friday they pack up the leftover bird for the last sail of the season.


Quadrangle’s Helen Haerle and her husband are off to Hilton Head to play golf for 11 straight days! (11 days?!  Quadrangle’s vacation policy sounds pretty generous.)

Studley’s Rick Rome is jetting up to his hometown of Hartford, CT with wife, Joanne (of Carr America), and sons Jack, Sam, and Max.  They’ll  join 27 other family members including his dad, Lewis, former State Senate Majority Leader and Republican candidate for Governor in 1982 (though Rick tells us Connecticut Republicans are a bit scarce like DC Democrats).  He’s also planning to help his youngest (age 8) train for his black belt in karate so he can join the ranks of the two older boys who are black belts, and Joanne who is a brown belt.

Marcus Millichap’s Stacey Milam is heading to the Eastern Shore at 4AM on Thanksgiving morning for some waterfowl hunting.  Then it’s all about football, family, and eating what they’ve caught. The menu includes smoked turkey and deep-fried duck and goose.

Oenophile that he is, JM Zell’s Jeff Zell is spending the morning tasting wines to pair with the evening’s turkey.  He tells us the challenge of this task is staying sober in the process, an effort which he admits is usually unsuccessful. (No big deal – that’s why we have Friday off.)

Land America’s Dennis Vendetti and his daughter are venturing home to Erie, PA to join his huge family in drinking as many $1.00 beers as possible and sampling the first meal his sister-in-law has cooked in 25 years. He tells us the gang is “excited and nervous” in anticipation of the dinner and they hope emergency room reinforcements aren’t necessary.  

Jones Lang’s Kathy Allgier is traveling to farm country in Central Pennsylvania to visit family where she’s “guaranteed to have lime green Jello with marshmallows.” Then it’s back to DC for a little Black Friday shopping and spending the $1000 gift certificate from Tiffany’s she won at the NAIOP Awards dinner last week.

Vornado’s Brendan Owen is working up an appetite in the AM by playing football in the backyard with his 4 year old twins against his wife and 6-year-old.  Brendan and the twins are favored by a touchdown but say they know better than to underestimate their opponent – plus, it’s hard to beat the person cooking the bird.

MacFarlane Partners’ Brad Dockser is off to Chicago with family for golf.  He tells us cold weather = low greens fees. Hopefully he won’t be playing golf in the snow.

Perkins + Will’s Rusty Meadows’ Thanksgiving sounds a little like a National Lampoon movie: Dinner for 16 with great grandmother, grandmother, and mom (all one person), kids, grandkids, and great grandkids (that he likens to possessed aliens from a far away planet), friends, significant others, a 30 lb turkey, too many appetizers, too much football, outspoken absolute knowledge of the next president, one case of champagne, and some bizarre behavior that is supposed to be charades topped off with an end-of-night glass of water, two aspirin, and a promise not to do this for the rest of the holiday season – a fib he says won't be his last.

Cushman’s Peter Berk says “loads of family” from New York and Florida are descending on the Berk residence this year.  They’re still waiting to hear whether or not his daughter’s “got the stuff – ing” (get it?) it takes to get to Broadway, so that will be a big topic of conversation. Other than that, he’s “giving thanks for living in this great country” and contemplating getting a haircut (but probably won’t).   

NOMA BID director Liz Price and her husband are braving the roads with 3-year-old Miles and one-year-old Sophie for the drive to Liz’s mom’s in Kilmarnock, VA for Thanksgiving dinner #1 on Thursday with her brother, sister, and 93-year-old grandparents. Then it’s off to the Shenandoah Valley on Friday for dinner #2 at her dad’s with 40+ aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

Cresa’s Tom Birnbach is staying local this year and joining 40 family members at his mom’s house. He tells us Mama Birnbach cooks enough to feed an army; it takes her two full days, but the feast is well worth it. 

Hickok Cole’s Yolanda Cole and her 16 year-old daughter, Ava, are joining their DC neighbors at the beach in Rehoboth for turkey and maybe even a round or two of the card game UNO (the inventor of the game will be on the scene). She’s also bringing along some Burgundy wine which she chose specially for the occasion based on a Wine Captain’s course this fall at the L’Enfant Plaza Hotel.

DLA Piper’s Fred Klein is heading up to 4 Lobster Lane in East Orleans, MA (on chilly Cape Cod) for turkey with his wife and 2 of their 3 kids.  Though Fred’s oldest son will most likely be dining on Peking duck in Beijing this year, the rest of the family will be sticking to a traditional New England Thanksgiving; eating turkey, chopped liver, and blueberry pie while watching or playing football.   Fred tells us his wife, Jill, always cooks too much food, so “if there are any Bisnow readers in the vicinity, feel free to stop by!”

After just returning from a 12-day Portugal trip on Sunday, George Mason’s economic guru, Steve Fuller, analyzes his Thanksgiving plans as though they were the real estate market.   If the weather was going to be good, which it isn’t, he’d go sailing then eat turkey in Annapolis.  Instead, he’s carrying on a 10-year tradition of dining with an old friend at a fine restaurant where they enjoy the meal “without having any dishes to do or food to put away.”  As the weather will be better over the weekend, sailing on the Bay will take place on Saturday and then he’ll decommission his Hinkley Sloop and get her ready to be hauled out for the winter.

Cardinal Bank’s Kate Carr says "Les Voitures" are off to the Broadmoor resort at Colorado Springs to visit their son, Bubba (nickname courtesy of his three older sisters).  She tells us they found it easier to move the mountain to Mohammed in this case, so it’ll be a Wild West Thanksgiving. 

HFF’s Dek Potts is traveling to his weekend home in Blue Ridge Summit, PA with cousins. The house was built in 1914 and a wreck when they bought it 5 years ago, but they found a contractor with great credentials (8 years as a master carpenter/builder at Camp David) to restore the house and now it’s turkey-worthy.

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