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April 28, 2008

Bisnow, Smith Pachter McWhorter and Destination Cellars are hosting a discussion and wine-tasting for construction industry execs.  Panel: Tishman Construction’s Stephen Dalton, Grunley’s Ken Grunley, Buch’s Carl Buch & Bozzuto’s Mike Schlegel. May 13, 5-7pm at Il Mulino. Email us for info.


King Arthur had his roundtable, de Vinci had the Priory of Sion, and the Apartment and Office Building Association has their Advisory Board, which met in their secret lair (Capital Hilton) on Thursday for a special lunch session.  The group is actually more of a “focus group” for all of AOBA to bounce off ideas.  Either way, Bisnow knew the secret handshake and got to sit in while they heard from special guest: Nationals President Stan Kasten.


AOBA President/Akridge VP Mary Lynch introduced Kasten.  He spoke for 30 minutes to the crowd of 30 commercial real estate leaders. (That puts him in the 30/30 club, no?) Topics included Ted Turner, Time Warner, and lessons from his career with the Nationals, Braves, Hawks, and Thrashers (the latter 3 Atlanta clubs he ran simultaneously—but we assume the antitrust authorities knew that). He used analogies to relate his career in sports to real estate. We’ve summarized them in this chart:


What the Nationals Have

Why It’s Important to Have

What This Means for You

Strong Minor Leagues, Talented Players

Good Product

Don’t skimp on quality

Fun for the Whole Family when at the Ballpark

Build a Strong Customer Base

Grow loyalty; Customer service is key

Vigorous Community Relations

Good Brand

Community service is key too

4 dead Presidents Racing Around the Outfield Between Innings



Smith Midland

Daro’s David Meit and Carmel Partners’ Jim Flanagan share a table with Lowe Enterprises’ Katya Naman.  Perhaps David’s background as a reporter for his college newspaper taught him to stay on message because he wouldn’t cough up any gossip.  He did share that multi-family developers are challenged to go green and modernize just as much as his commercial counterparts. He’ll be happy to know that “Greening Existing Buildings” is the theme of AOBA’s September Conference.


Carr’s Rich Greninger and AOBA General Counsel Frann Francis catch up with Mary before the lunch bell (seriously, there was a bell).  Rich is pleased with progress at 901 K: the project includes a 244k SF trophy office building and restoration of the Mt. Vernon Square United Methodist Church.  Frann may be heading to church soon to give thanks that her 3 children are now all gainfully employed.  She and Mary are both excited that AOBA is jumping on the green bandwagon.  They’re pushing the DC Council to legalize submetering, a payment method that allows landlords to bill individual tenants for measured utility usage, usually resulting in less wasteful usage.  It’s already legal in VA and MD.


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