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It’s time our founder got a night’s sleep. So, we’re searching for an Editor-in-Chief, preferably a super cool writer who loves local business, and also knows where commas belong. Due to the success of our vast media empire, secretly funded by R. Murdoch, we can pay a fortune. Ideas?

We keep hearing about real estate firms wanting to be carbon neutral: Transwestern, Akridge, CBRE, ProLogis, and others. We applaud them, and wonder how we can help the cause. We've thought of taking the Metro more often, or recycling the cardboard sleeves of our Starbucks lattes. Then we realized…by our very nature, we ARE green already! 



See: No paper! We don’t cut down trees, manufacture newsprint, operate printing presses, or drive delivery trucks. We are all-electronic and always have been. No carbon footprint for us! (Which is ironic since our founder has size 13 feet.) Above, showing off our virtue: About Town Editor Stacey Pfarr, sales tsar Elliott Bisnow, graphic artiste Sarah Chamberlain, founder and writer Mark Bisnow, sales dynamo Aram Taghavi, admin ace Caitlin O’Connor, and COO Doug Anderson. Although Doug appears not to be enjoying himself in this picture, he’s actually just doing mental calculations regarding the greenhouse emissions of our digital camera. 



Last week, though our minds were otherwise turning to mush in August, Stacey was listening to NPR and heard British environmental guru Chris Goodall, author of the hot book, How to Live a Low-Carbon Life.  She decided to contact him for validation. He told her that of course we are green by nature. He said, “Making paper is a highly energy-intensive process and it uses a lot of water,” which means high carbon emissions. He foresees a continuing march toward paperless text. 


Drew Torbin, “sustainability analyst” for ProLogis, tells us that climate change and the environment are among their top priorities. ProLogis has a number of pilot projects around the world that were developed using environmentally friendly building materials and construction methods, with great names like photocatalytic pavement, solar panels, and wind turbines. At Akridge, everyone in the property management department has been trained by the US Green Building Council on LEED technologies. They’re experimenting with waterless urinals (wow, we’re getting serious here) and installing more energy efficient lighting. They’re even encouraging employees to be efficient out of the office. They recently gave out Energy Star compact florescent bulbs to everyone in the Homer Building so they could try them out at home. We know there are many of you out there doing similar things we haven't learned about. But contact us, and we may have a sequel.


Next on our agenda: World peace and a cure for cancer



Tree-huggers, that’s us.




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