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April 21, 2008



Everyone in Federal IT knew Kevin Carroll:  Until his retirement in October, he oversaw 650 employees as the Army's PEO. Now what? He's started the Kevin Carroll Group ("sounds like the Dave Matthews Band," he says) except that for the moment it's a band of one. He also has an alliance with consulting friends Rob Guerra and Phil Kiviat and works with them two days a week. We caught up with Kevin (below right, with Rob) at the Market Street Grill in Reston to talk about his new business, golf, horse racing, and Eminem.


After 32 years with the Army, he's working on a number of projects, but remains mysterious:  "Our clients do not want the publicity." We do know he's currently helping a number ready bids for when the Air Force puts the estimated $10 billion NetCents2 IDIQ out for recompetition this summer. Biggest change for Kevin?  He tells us it's where the pressure comes from. "Before, I would have some general on me and would know how to handle it," he said. "Now the pressure comes from within." Which is better? "Pressure from me, because I can always sneak out early on Friday." To do what?  Let's just say he was ready with a tip:  "A golf pro once told me how to take 7 strokes off my game" Carroll said. "Skip a par 3 hole."  


"I've always been a fan of modern art," Carroll joked as we found a suitable backdrop for another pic. What he is serious about is handicapping. Kevin plans to attend the Preakness Stakes and maybe the Kentucky Derby. "The key to being a successful handicapper," Carroll says, "is no matter what happens, win or lose, tell your wife that you broke even." Carroll and Guerra plan to travel to London later this year with their wives. The two friends went to Tuscany last year and agree on almost everything, except music. "I'll listen to anything but rap," Guerra says. Carroll, though, is an unexpected fan of Slim Shady. "It's poetry with a beat," he said.

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