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January 3, 2012
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What To Watch in '12

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There’s lots to keep an eye in the coming year: future Kardashian mates; who'll be picking new (or keeping) White House drapes. We've got our eye on government contracts, and some big ones will start ramping up in the beginning of the year.
The Air Force’s NETCENTS-2 contract will start awarding work in April. The $19B, 7-year contract helps Air Force, DOD, and other agencies buy networking equipment and get help with system engineering, and all that goes along with it. The industry is also watching action on on the Army’s ITES 3H contract, which will release a final RFP in Q2. The $5B deal covers a wide swath of IT, including equipment for server, storage, and network environments. Contractors are also working on RFP responses to DHS’ FirstSource II contract, due Feb. 15. The request: to provide IT commodity products like networking equipment, wireless tech, and imaging products.
Kilpatrick Townsend MTECH
Some contracts this year will show whether they’re driving as much business as their predecessors—or is the market tightening to the point where these robust vehicles lose their steam? The IRS’ TIPSS-4 contract will do that as it moves along this year. The IDIQ will maintain and update the agency’s legacy systems over the next decade. DHS’ EAGLE II is also one to watch as IT support services start to ramp up early this year.

Tweet Tweet
Michelle Bachman
The Iowa Caucus may be a tight race, but Michele Bachmann is the winning tweeter. The Minnesota congresswoman tweets 300 percent more than all other GOP candidates, according to a recent social media study by Qorvis Communications. But Ron Paul has increased his social media followers by over 30 percent in the last month. Rick Santorum grew his Twitter base by nearly 25 percent, followed by Mitt Romney who grew his by 20 percent.
President Obama
Washington-based Qorvis also compared the numbers of followers and frequency of tweets to President Obama. (Above, the President goes old-fashioned and calls in his tweets.) Obama has nearly 12M followers and tweeted 193 times in December, while Michele Bachmann has over 36K followers but tweeted 334 during the month. The firm also put dollar values to each campaign's Twitter presence comparing them to the cost of a direct mail or online advertising campaign. The president's Twitter value was over $1.6M, followed by Newt Gingrich with over $178K. Newt has 1.4M Twitter followers, but only tweeted 50 times during December. So is it better to tweet more or to have more followers?

We sure hope the Lockheed Martin employees got some sweaters for Christmas. It won a $2B NSF contract to operate and maintain a support infrastructure for research being done in Antartica. Lockheed will implement an infrastructure for managing work stations and medical facilities, research vessels, construction projects and remote sites around the frigid continent. The firm will also modernize technologies to transport scientists, staff, and supplies around the region. The whole thing will be moderated by Morgan Freeman.
Marshall Space Flight Center
Lockheed wasn’t the only company to win some gov business last week. CH2M Hill Constructors will provide logistics support services at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. The IDIQ could go as high as $50M with the $7B Englewood, Colo.-based company providing everything from mail, shipping, and receiving services to flight hardware and warehousing and equipment management services. The Huntsville, Ala. facility is where all of NASA’s propulsion, engineering, science, space operations, and project and program management work happens. Note to CH2M employees: Ask before pressing any buttons.

Where to Eat in 2012
Today's Dining Bisnow previews 10 restaurants opening this year. We thought we'd highlight two which seem to be designed with you in mind. In college, techies learned to subsist on ramen. Now there's a whole eatery for you: Daikaya, a Japanese noodle joint heading to Penn Quarter in February. The two-level restaurant which will serve made-to-order ramen downstairs and host an izakaya (a Japanese bar with snacks) upstairs. The concept comes from Sushiko chef and owner Daisuke Utagawa and Eighteenth Street Lounge co-founder Yama Jewayni. Former Minibar chef Katsuya Fukushima (above) will man the kitchen.
Another techie pastime: not sleeping. So it's good to know there will be a 24-hour eating option this spring in Columbia Heights. Constantine Stavropoulos, the guy behind Tryst, Open City, and The Diner, plans to open a new place in Columbia Heights that combines aspects of all three. The coffeehouse/diner/bar will evolve throughout the day. Unlike his other spots, Constantine tells us his yet-unnamed restaurant will have a distinct bar area with separate entrance and focus more on craft cocktails and wines, including some on tap. To never miss another restaurant opening, subscribe today. It's free!
So who will win the Iowa Caucus? Send your predictions to tech editor Tania Anderson.
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