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October 14, 2008
Jones Lang LaSalle


Big shout out to new sponsor Marymount University. Their School of Business Administration just received the U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award for Virginia. Congrats and welcome aboard!


On Friday we sat in on Verizon's CIO Shaygan Kheradpir's demo of the next generation of FiOS (high-speed fiber optic television) that will be rolled out to area customers in the next month. (The first generation came out two years ago.) The system's coolest feature? The cable box searches your home for IP addresses and allows users to wirelessly view online videos, get live news headlines, and view personal photo albums.


Here's Shaygan at Verizon's Eye Street offices wielding our favorite gadget, the remote. (We're easy to please.) He tells us Verizon is allowing developers to create widgets for the platform, and one of the first lets people view Facebook on their TV screen: "We're not creating a computer for your TV but trying to create the best experience for people sitting on their couch." Another widget includes real-time stat updates on a user's fantasy football team during NFL Sundays, so you don't have to get up. Of course, if the trip from your La-Z-Boy to your computer is tiring you out, you may have bigger issues than television reception.


Another feature we love is the ability to set the DVR via cell phone, which comes in handy if you forgot to DVR "The Office" on your bowling night. The system also comes with more than 11,000 on-demand titles and the ability to view (and search) for YouTube clips. This means Shaygan, who lives and works in New York City, can watch clips of his favorite pastime, skiing. Also: please note that we managed to use DVR as a noun and a verb in one sentence. More proof that we were robbed of this week's Nobel Prize in Literature.

BI 2.0

We keep hearing about Web 2.0, but apparently our friends in business intelligence can use that decimal as well. We recently met Guljit Khurana, CEO of McLean-based Centrifuge Systems, who is revolutionizing BI with interactive visualization of massive amounts of data: "Our technology provides a ground-breaking BI 2.0 experience that is interactive, visual and collaborative." Guljit joined the 25-person company in 2006, in time to see it receive $4.5 million in Series A funding from Novak Biddle.


That's Guljit with Marketing VP Tony Agresta, Product Development VP Mitch Shue, Field Ops VP Neil Herron, and CFO Brian Daum. Founder Casey Henderson is not pictured. (Actually working, we presume.) Guljit was previously a VP at webMethods and served in a similar role at The Mind Electric. He also led the worldwide sales engineering team at Avantgo and was in leadership positions at Talarian, Segue Software and National Computer Systems. But, on most days, he'd rather spend time with his son and playing tennis.

Making Meds Better

Supernus Pharmaceuticals CEO Jack Khattar is in the business of making people feel better. His 18-year-old, Rockville-based company, which used to be Shire Labs before being acquired two and a half years ago, focuses on diseases of the central nervous system and enhances existing drugs to reduce side effects and dosage frequency. They've developed drugs like Adderall XR, Carbatrol, Equetro, Oracea and Sanctura XR. Jack emigrated from Lebanon in the early 80s to study at Wharton and has since held marketing positions at Merck, Novartis, Playtex and Kodak, before becoming an exec at CIMA, a drug delivery company, and finally Shire Labs CEO in '99. We hear his oldest daughter (a business student at Villanova) is following her father's career path. So is she signed up for Tech Bisnow yet?


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