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January 17, 2012
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VanRoekel Talks
Summer Fashion: Mobile

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The must-have beach accessory for any government worker this summer better be a smartphone hip holster. While the rest of us have been breathing mobile for a while, the federal government is starting to get serious about it.
Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel
Federal mobility standards will be all the rage this summer. Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel says he’ll be relying on industry to help shape the mobility roadmap he announced in Las Vegas earlier this month. It will be a plan for how the government buys mobility tech and how it’s used to communicate with the public. VanRoekel says government has kept pace with industry on many fronts, but not mobility. Mobile contracts need to be standardized and the procurement of mobile and data and voice plans need to be streamlined, he says.
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VanRoekel (who carries a mobile device in each pocket) wants the plan to be device agnostic and have strategies based on the needs of the individual agencies. Industry input on security and privacy standards regarding mobile will start this summer in the same way that the cloud commission shaped the gov’s cloud strategy. Industry will also have a role in recommending devices that the government doesn’t even know about. VanRoekel wants input on what could be a better way to approach security issues. For example, federal laptops have multi-factor authentication but its BlackBerrys just require a password.
The Obama administration, as part of its plan to merge federal agencies, also announced a new website that makes it easier for business to interact with government. Business.usa.gov brings together various agencies involved in trade and exporting to make it easier for businesses to get info. VanRoekel says the website launch is a few weeks away. “Instead of government having an inside looking out perspective, we want to have an outside looking in view.”

Arlington Digital Cemetery
AITHERAS founder Andrew Milisits and partner Ben Hankins
Most defense contractors have a pretty good level of pride for the work they do for the military. AITHERAS founder Andrew Milisits and partner Ben Hankins got their own taste of that when their Rockville, Md.-based 8(a) company completed in under a year a complete digitization of Arlington National Cemetery’s burial records. The company has done electronic document and data management projects since 2006 for commercial and gov clients. But the Arlington Cemetery project (worth nearly $880K) was a large undertaking, requiring the company to hire nearly 100 temp workers and pass various facility inspections. Using its proprietary document management tech, the company delivered over 500K paper burial records, some of which came from the Civil War, in electronic form (data and scanned images) that were 99.99 percent accurate. (Hey, that's our grammatical accuracy rate to!)
Deltek (Consulting) MTECH
The work will open the doors for the AITHERAS technical support team to work on other large projects. Ben predicts revenue could triple by the end of the year. The company, which normally has about 33 employees, won’t graduate from the 8(a) program until 2015, but Andrew and Ben are already working on bidding as a prime on various IDIQs. (The Arlington National Cemetery work was a full and open bid but ended up being an 8(a) competitive set-aside based on responses to the RFI.) The company’s gov customers already include the Forest Service, CDC, and DOD. Based in the Rockville Innovation Center, it's working on an iPad and iPhone app to increase commercial penetration.

Two Car Living Room
Amplifier Ventures managing director Jonathan Aberman on guitar and Deloitte business development exec Jennifer Trax
While we anxiously await approval on our idea to launch a "Rock ‘n Roll Bisnow" e-newsletter, we bring you Two Car Living Room. That’s Amplifier Ventures managing director Jonathan Aberman on guitar and Deloitte biz dev exec Jennifer Trax as lead singer playing a gig this weekend at Public House Number 7 in Falls Church, Va. Their band mates include Paul Alvaran on bass, Ted Whitehead on piano, and Eric Fahr on drums. The band fancies itself a pop, rock, and blues band that plays a handful of gigs a year. Any other bands out there filled with cool tech people? Tell tech editor Tania Anderson about your next gig.

Thank You, Dr. King
Like many of you, we took yesterday to acknowledge the service of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We admire his courage and continuing impact on American cities. This picture is from 1964, and if 95% of the Bisnow staff had been alive then, we'd certainly have been there to take it. But from what we can glean, it looks like Dr. King's response to someone asking, "How big an impact will cloud computing have on federal procurement in the year 2012?" Whether he's saying "a lot" or "why are you asking me this," it's an appropriate response.
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