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September 25, 2008
Jones Lang LaSalle


Big Shout-out to great sponsor InterAct 2008! Don't miss Ted Leonsis at DC's Interactive Event of the Year on Sep 29-30, 2008 in the Ronald Reagan Building. See ad to the right for more details.


Energy Secretary Sam Bodman joined NVTC for a "Titans" breakfast and a few words about energy this morning. A packed ballroom at the Hilton McLean heard Sam talk about specific actions businesses can take to promote security and efficiency (while saving a few bucks).  


Sam (here with host Bobbie Kilberg—does she know every single high ranking official?) said neither business nor government can solve the energy crisis alone; he stressed the need for businesses to use more renewable energy from wind, solar and bio


CC Pace’s Ron Peterson, Rose Financial Services’ Lauri Rodich and Unity Resource Group’s Jim LeBlanc. Avid and proud Bisnow reader Lauri had a joke ready for us when we asked for comment: “Mortgage backed security is to security as electric chair is to chair.” Jim said he just got back from hot and humid Dubai where he was doing strategic security planning for a client; he said its infrastructure like roads and bridges is beginning to “creak” with so much building going on. We have no idea how the following came up (our editor just relies on raw files from our reporters), but Ron says he was a chess finalist in NYC back when Pete Rose was a rookie in the Major Leagues, 1963. See, folks, this is why people read us—news you just can’t get anywhere else.


Cordia’s Dave Porter and NVTC board member and FedResults’ Bob Dinkel. Dave says Cordia recently started up a recruiting and staffing division and has already placed three professionals with TC Associates of Springfield. “There’s jobs out there,” says Dave, who lures in his CPAs with some fine-tuned elbow rubbing. Other recent clients include HMSHost (formerly Host Marriott) and K2M medical device company. Bob attended Buffalo Night last night on the Hill. A native of (three guesses) Buffalo, Bob enjoyed some tasty wings with about a thousand others including Buffalo honoraries Sens. Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. The guest he was most impressed with was Jimmy Cirrito of Jimmy’s Tavern in Herndon.


Here’s a trivia question for you: What was the most popular tech company team building exercise in the Middle Ages? Why, catapult building of course! That’s why CGI’s Sergio Rodriguez, Jim Butler and Shashi Ranganath spent last weekend building a refrigerator-sized catapult out of PVC pipes in Cumberland. After only 40-minutes in his team of eight, Jim says they managed to construct a device that with pipe tension alone (no giant rubber bands), hurled a beam bag 50 feet. A valiant effort, but the winning team knocked down a castle wall and looted all the cool geometric ties from the king’s closet.


SCH&H Group’s Michael Lacy and NVTC board member and ATS’s Ed Bersoff. Ed spent two weeks in China in June, which was a high school graduation trip for his grandson who just started at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. While in China, Ed did the regular tourist cities—Beijing, Shanghai, etc.—but he also found Macao, the former Portuguese colony where they hold onto the tradition of gambling—and today also hold onto some of Ed’s money.


U.S. Patent Office’s Matt Brooks and HSBC’s Niharika Patel. Matt said the strangest patent he’s filed in his four years at the office was a method for stacking milk on grocery shelves. “Horizontal Shelving” or something like that, he says, arranges milk in cartons that are small-medium-large side by side, instead of the discriminating practice of putting smaller milk containers up high where little guys can’t reach them. Niharika doesn’t have news as exciting as milk allocation, but she said that HSBC’s “Global View” allows clients to open accounts in HSBC banks overseas so they can easily withdraw money wherever they are traveling. We’re glad Ed Bersoff (from the previous caption) didn’t know about that.

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