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January 9, 2012
The Only Thriving
IT Sector

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Most of IT may be in a coma this year as federal projections use words like “flat” or “declining.” But health IT seems to be the only bright spot. In fact, brighter than anyone would have imagined.
Deltek health IT analyst Angela Petty
Fed agencies are expected to spend $6.5B on health IT by 2016 (a compounded annual growth rate of 7.5 percent from last year), says Deltek senior principal analyst Angie Petty. This is huge considering the overall federal IT market is only expected to grow 1.7 percent during the same period. CMS projects that by 2020 national health spending will reach $4.6T and make up nearly 20 percent of GDP. (It appears the knee bone is connected to both the thigh bone and straight into your wallet.) What’s unusual about the health IT federal market is that it’s really just three agencies driving the growth: HHS, VA, and DOD (in that order). CMS is upgrading its systems and trying to put together virtual data centers, and VA and DOD are developing joint EHR systems: all big ticket items.
Oceus (LinkedIn) Mini
Health IT to grow 7.5 percent
CDC and NIH are also spending money on systems to track research and population health trends. The State Department and OPM have a small piece of the pie, as well. Getting in the EHR market may be tough, says Angie, as much of the segment is dominated by large providers. But there’s room for companies that have solutions in infrastructure, mobility, analyzing disease data, and payment systems with fraud and waste detection. The challenge for new entrants is having the medical expertise needed. “You can’t just be an IT firm. You need to understand how the tech is used in the medical application,” Angie says. Good news for research: House episodes are available on Hulu.

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ASI president and CEO Kymm McCabe, on the right with ASI chairwoman Anne Reed and ASI founder Ann Costello
ASI Government kicked off the week by acquiring Frontline Solutions, a six-year-old SETA and mission support services provider in Columbia, Md. ASI CEO Kymm McCabe (right, with ASI chairwoman Anne Reed and ASI founder Ann Costello) says the purchase gives a boost to the public sector consulting firm’s acquisition, program management, and strategy and organizational performance services. Frontline president Chris Comstock will now head up ASI’s Frontline Solutions division. A price tag wasn't revealed.

Dell Shuffles
Dell president Steve Felice
Dell said late last week that it would move around its business segments and name Steve Felice president and chief commercial officer. This comes after public and large enterprise president Paul Bell’s retirement announcement. The Texas company’s business segments—public, large enterprise, small and medium business, and consumer—will fall under Steve starting Feb. 4. (At least he'll have a quiet Groundhog's Day.) Dell’s Q3 revenue was $15.4B, flat compared to the same quarter the prior year.

Put To The Test
Oceus Networks participates in Army Integration Exercise
Companies wanting a piece of the military IT pie have been allowing soldiers to play with their tech before it's contracted for some time. But these days the military is using those tests to see if tech can be quickly and easily integrated into their existing systems. It’s a new attempt to create a more agile acquisition strategy. Oceus Networks, a Reston, Va.-based broadband solutions provider, was one of about 20 companies that came out on top of a recent Army Integration Exercise. Soldiers tested the company’s mobile 4G LTE tactical cellular communications networks at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The test was to see if Oceus' products play nicely with other communications products used by soldiers. The company is now considered the gold standard for 4G LTE for the military.

Urgent Service Launches
Urgnt.ly founder Ric Fleisher
It all started with panic. Ric Fleisher’s dishwasher flooded the kitchen and he stood helpless in inches of water. Not knowing who to call on a weekend morning on short notice prompted Ric to launch Urgnt.ly, which has its beta launch today. The company connects consumers with available service providers who happen to be close to their location. The service is free to consumers but the service providers pay a flat fee every time they’re connected to a consumer. The mobile and web-based app will launch initially in Washington, but will likely work as a national player.
Ric, who co-founded Reliacast and sold it to Comcast Interactive, self-funded Urgnt.ly’s development and launch along with three co-founders. The plan is to raise a seed round sometime this year. He also plans to spend the year understanding the consumer model and recruiting nationwide providers like heating and plumbing companies and computer repair providers. The transactions won’t always be in an emergency situation as Ric’s dishwasher fiasco but more like top of mind services, like “Oops, I forgot to mow the lawn before we went on vacation.”
Acentia is moving its 200 employees from Silver Spring to Falls Church. Where are you moving to? Tell tech editor Tania Anderson.
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