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May 15, 2008


The Great Entrepreneur Search! We'll be announcing our "35 Under 35" shortly. Thanks to great anchor sponsors Deloitte and Greenberg Traurig as well as Cabot Consultants and Comerica, and media partner Fortune Magazine; judges Phillip Merrick, Mary MacPherson, Mike Daniels, Mario Morino, Dendy Young, and Scott Frederick; and Valhalla's Gene Riechers for hosting winners, guests, and sponsors at his home June 10.


It shouldn't be a surprise Sunny Bajaj has started his own tech outfit, government IT services provider Digital Management. Sunny's dad Ken started Internet services provider AppNet (sold for $2.1 billion) and secure network services provider DigitalNet Holdings (sold for $600 million). Not to be outdone, Sunny's mother Kavelle founded network services company I-Net (sold for $240 million). "I was the only 13-year-old who knew what an RFP was," Sunny tells us at his Bethesda office.


Sunny, 31, started Digital Management in 2002 after working for his father out of the University of Maryland; he had  debated getting an MBA. (After six years of intensive entrepreneurship, he's probably earned the equivalent of six MBAs by now.) Digital Management, which provides technical strategy for government agencies, is working with DISA (that would be the Defense Information Systems Agency, but you knew that) on automating the separation of military and citizen bandwidth frequencies so someone with a cell phone doesn't accidentally set off a bomb. (Oh, my. We hope DISA is well enough funded.)  The company is also helping the Mine Safety and Health Administration set up command posts at the site of mining disasters like the one in Crandall Creek, Utah last August.


Sunny tells us his company did $8.1 million in revenue last year and hopes to double it this year. His goal is to reach $100 million within five years and expand the company's 75 employees to over 1,000. "My Dad always preached education and hard work, while my Mom was kind of a street hustler," Sunny says. "I think I'm a hybrid of the two." (Sunny: You're working too hard. Take an afternoon off and get wall decorations.)


Vince Lombardi provides leadership inspiration for Sunny, a big sports fan. He plays forward in a rec basketball league and attends pro and college games whenever possible, although that's taking a back seat to his upcoming wedding. Sunny proposed to his girlfriend in March and the two will be married in October, so you can bet she'll be starting her company any day now.


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