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January 30, 2009
Jones Lang LaSalle

For those of you interested in environmental issues, we're proud to announce our next Bisnow Breakfast & Schmoozarama, with the CEO and Founding Chairman of the US Green Building Council, Rick Fedrizzi. BLT restaurant in DC, Thursday, Feb 12, sign up!


A party on Thursday afternoon? You had us at hello. We joined 150 people yesterday at TANDBERG's Reston headquarters to see the newest offerings of the high-end video conferencing company.


Is that Fairfax County's Amante Bustamante and TANDBERG president Rick Snyder in a trendy M Street club? Nope, that's actually TANDBERG's lobby. Rick tells us the company (which has 40% market share) is thriving, despite tough economic conditions. "With our equipment, a 100-person company with one person teleworking one day a week can save five football fields worth of trees in one year," Rick says.


Here's TANDBERG's new T-3, an enclosed room featuring three 65-inch 1080p LCD screens to allow users to hold large-scale meetings with anyone in the world, with the feeling everyone's in the same room. (The woman on the far left screen is in Dallas, and the guys also synched the cameras with offices in Oslo and London.)


TANDBERG's Charles Roberts shows off the Mobi2, a 720p high-def camera that can be mounted on a computer and provides high-def video access wherever it is. The shot on the screen is the party down the hall, so although he's giving presentations, Charles is close to the action.

Mission Possible

Recently retired CIA CTO Bob Flores couldn't tell us about the existence of UFOs or confirm the grassy knoll theory, but he did give us insight on his new one-man consulting company Applicology which, although it sounds like a medical procedure, is of course the words applications and technology smashed together. Bob retired after 30 years at the CIA just after the New Year and is now lending his expertise to project management, IT product orientation, cyber security and business technology strategy. "I always liked to dabble, as opposed to becoming immersed in a project."


Bob calls himself a citizen of Earth after growing up all over the world in a military family. He studied statistics at Virginia Tech and started at the CIA doing economic analysis. After 15 years, he switched to the technology side, taking a project management role. One of his greatest successes came in the years before Y2K: He was in charge of making sure the CIA's HR/Payroll system didn't crash when the ball dropped. You're wondering about the fire trucks? Bob's been a volunteer firefighter in McLean for years; he's even briefly seen driving a fire truck in Mission Impossible!


Don't know the name? INOX hasn't opened yet, but is likely to move to the top of the charts in Virginia (esp. now that Maestro and Colvin Run aren't around anymore). We snapped this last night of our old friends Jonathan Krinn, left, and Jon Mathieson, second from right, the former star chefs at 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, here with their sous chefs and beverage director. You heard it here first: They are opening this new place (that they co-own with investors) sometime in the next 10 days in the PwC building in Tysons. 120 seats, contemporary American, upscale but relaxed, great party rooms, in the planning for 18 months. We'll see you there!  

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