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December 20, 2010
Ericsson (Explore) - left
Sunday Afternoon Santas


The action yesterday afternoon (yes, we’re talking Sunday) was at Dendy and Andrea Young’s warm and food-friendly house in McLean.


First off, we found former Secretary of Technology Len Pomata and wife Ginger, perhaps with drinks in their hands to steel themselves for a house full of 15 kids, spouses, and grandkids they’re expecting at Christmas.Len’s an ”independent” consultant these days, which is perhaps politically appropriate as well: he was appointed to his august post by Democratic governor Tim Kaine but is himself (shh, don’t tell) a Republican.

Nemacolin (Family Pkg1)

Did you know? Accenture partner Bob Ghafouri and wife Julia of Washington Fine Properties, left, just got married two months ago, with ceremonies at Decatur House and honeymoon in Bali. Of course, that’s not his only news: over the summer, he sold CadenceQuest, a customer analytics software company, to Accenture. Meanwhile, Qlarion CEO Jake Bittner and wife Chandra are starting a new family tradition and spending Xmas at Disney World with four-year-old Jillian. Qlarion just won its first work with DoD, building a business intelligence application for the Army. We presume that’s another tradition he’s trying to start.

FedSources (Piggy) Jumbo

Cooley superlawyer Mike Lincoln and wife Wendy with angel investor John May. Mike’s hoping to wrap up year-end deals in time to get to their Middleburg farm for Christmas with their four children. A big present for them awaits—their eldest is coming home from his first year in college. As for John, his motto for 2011: Nothing that a couple exits can’t cure.

Caren, Helena, and John Backus; as you can see, the woman we’ve called the D&O insurance queen (at AH&T) now has a…15-month-old princess! As for King John, he’s funded five new companies this year at New Atlantic Ventures and is working hard to close two more before year end. (Good excuse for not changing diapers, John.) With them, fellow v.c. legend Jack Biddle and wife Foree—if we could find the French “accent aigu” to put over one of those e’s (we forget which one), you’d understand why her license plate reads “AAAA. 

Bobbie and Bill Kilberg are getting their eldest son Jonathan married in a couple weeks in Santa Fe after just seven weeks notice from him; fortunately, they have a place there, so they can arrange a venue fast. (Congrats: That’s three kids down, two to go!) Virginia Secretary of Technology Jim Duffey and wife Deborah, though from Massachusetts, have learned about climate differences and will be spending the holiday not there but in the Outer Banks. With that bright red coat, we presume you’ll find Jim at shopping centers talking to long lines of kids.

Innovate Graduation
More than 20 entrepreneurs gathered last week at Glenview Mansion to graduate from INNoVATE, a 12-month program that teaches how to evaluate the commercial viability of a technology from a federal or university laboratory, prepare the business case for the technology, and start a company based on it. This is a special group because it is the first INNoVATE class, and many of the graduates are postdoctoral fellows working in local federal and university labs. Pictured here: PNC Bank's Don Springer, REDI's Sally Sternbach, and INNoVATE class members Keith Nalepka, also founder of BioLOGIS.

JackBe Easy
John Crupi

A general in the Joint Chiefs isn’t looking to create a time consuming data stream, but he (or she) does want current info at a moment’s notice. That’s where Chevy Chase-based JackBe comes in (above, its CTO John Crupi). Its Presto platform lets users take live info and easily place it on a dashboard to be viewed along with other relevant streams (and be mixed together where possible). Those streams can even be made for an app for your phone. John tells us the company has a geospatial platform that does just that and will go live soon. “The problem with traditional BI is that you need to know what questions you’ll ask to find your answer far in advance; with us, you can ask any question and get an answer in almost no time.”

John Crupi and Chris Warner

Here’s John with marketing VP Chris Warner. JackBe, a 60-person firm founded eight years ago, but reinvented in the past three, also has streams with Recovery.gov that can show what projects are getting funding around the US that can be helpful for, say, legislators wanting to show constituents exactly what government funds are being spent on. “The idea is to make setting up data streams as easy for the end user as possible,” John says.

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